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Glenveagh School

Butterfly Department

Butterfly Department

The Glenveagh Butterfly department has four classes aged from 8-19 years old. We provide a specialized environment that meets the needs of each pupil.

Our pupils will learn through:

  • Communication and Engagement – central to everything we do.
  • Fun and enjoyment – we link pupil’s interests throughout our planning.
  • We use a multi-sensory approach when delivering the curriculum.
  • We provide each pupil with the time needed to respond, act, and achieve.
  • We encourage independence, self-help skills and see personal develop/care as a vital part of our pupils learning.
  • We provide Music therapy and sensory Drama sessions
  • We work hand in hand with our Nurses, Physios, OT’s and Speech departments.
  • We explore our environment through walks, outings, and links with outside agencies.
  • We love to celebrate events by putting on a show to let everyone know how fabulous our pupils are.
  • We listen to our Parents; we learn from them – They provide us with the key information to make each day special.